Weekend off with Tango…

So looking back at my planner from the year so far, 
I’ve only spent two entire weekends home. 
And those were both in January
It’s nearly May. 
Let’s take a look at where I’ve been so far in 2012 (other than home): 
Superior, WI/ Duluth, MN
San Francisco, CA
Indianapolis, IN
Chicago, IL
Washington DC
Chicago, IL
Denver/Granby, CO
Nashville, TN
Miami, FL
San Diego, CA
Shelton, CT
Buffalo, NY
Niagara ON, Canada
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Guess where I’m going this weekend?
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 I have the entire weekend off.
To be home. 
To hang with Tang,
and my fam,
and other buds… 
Peace out, homies
and Happy Friday! 
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  1. Come teach a TRX class in Salt Lake City! But first, have an awesome weekend off!

  2. wow! you have been one busy woman!! hope your weekend was restful and relaxful and full of puppy kisses! 🙂

  3. Whoa girl, movin’ and shakin’. That’s awesome. Hope you enjoyed your weekend at home!

  4. I hope you enjoyed every second at home with Tango. I’m sure he did! 🙂

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