Welcome home, Mom

It sucks to have to leave Tango at home when I travel but it’s nice knowing he gets to stay home with my roomie and has Churchill to play with while I’m gone.
The best part about being gone is the welcome I get when I come back home:
Him racing out of my room,
peeling out on the hardwood floors,
jumping 360s as I put down my bags,
sometimes a little pee on the floor out of excitement,
but all around a CUTE moment.
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I got home late Monday night, excited to be off the plane and to see Tang.
I almost asked Tamara to video the welcome routine so I’d have it to view, but couldn’t wait.
I let Tango out, he runs over, does a few 360s,
then lays on his back so I can pepper him with belly rubs.
And then he pees.
A lot.
And the pee HITS ME IN THE FACE.
And the pee goes UP MY NOSE.
…wish I’d asked Tamara to videotape it. Coulda won 100k from that one.
Thanks, Tango.
Love you too.
I guess that’s what I get for leaving…
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  1. awwww i have MAJOR fuzzy-fever! i need a pooch!

    oh and we can totally skype! i used this lip scrub and 5 minutes later emerged with a herpes zit the size of Florida…and it’s been hanging around all week so as soon as that goes away….we can definitely skype! 🙂

  2. Oh no! Pee Pee!!

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