What I Did (and didn’t do) on my Vacation

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  • actually tell you I was going on vacation therefor going to be MIA for a week. My bad. But you survived (surprisingly). ; )
  • work out. Not even once. 
  • see my girl, Whitney, for the millionth time in a row. We have cray cray schedules, because we’re so awesome, so we’ll just let it go.
  • didn’t get crazy on St. Patty’s Day. I watched basketball games instead. It was enjoyable and I was over alcohol by that point in the week…
  •  didn’t set foot on a beach (gasp!) but it was chilly and rainy the whole time I was there. 
  • I definitely didn’t have enough time with Ted and Ann. But it’s ok. They’re coming to KY for Derby… right, guys? ; ) 
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  • get an average of 9 hours of sleep per night. Sometimes more…
  • eat mexican food more times than is probably safe… (gastrointestinally speaking)
  • drink margaritas. Several of them.
  • spend an entire day watching basketball games. I couldn’t do this with any other sport, except World Cup soccer or the Olympics.
  • take 30 minute showers. I blame Ted and Ann’s shower. It’s just too wonderful, there was nothing I could do…
  • have an amazing girl’s night.
  • get to be 5th wheel with my two fave SD couples…
  • have fish tacos, which I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t have good fish tacos ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD other than SD. I’ve tried.
  • take a nap nearly every day.
  • go to a gun range to shoot rifles and pistols with Ted (you’d think I was still in KY). 
  • make some kick-ass summer plans with Jenn! More on that later…
  • get jet lag like a mo-fo. which is why i’m posting this past midnight, EST.

~Cheers to vacay~
and margies…

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  1. I want 9 hour sleeps, days watching basketball, too much tex-mex, and margs… then I would be truly happy. (clearly I’m counting down my next trip back to Texas)

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