What I’m Putting in My Online Carts… (but not buying right now)

Online shopping... not buying.

I’m not shopping right now (there’s nothing I need), but if anybody needs anything for themselves or for a gift, check out these things currently sitting in my various shopping carts strewn about the internet:

I want damn near everything from Wylder Goods.

Loving these fingerless gloves:

Fingerless Gloves from Wylder

This Sierra Norte Fair Trade Clutch
(that’s currently sold out, but you can make an account and
request to have them email you when it’s back in stock!)

This Horizonte Arena Blanket

I’d like this Devi Jumpsuit from House of CB
(I would also like somewhere fancy to wear it. Fit Getaway 2019?)

These Vegan Leather Cedric Pants from Cupcakes & Cashmere

Chrissy Teigen’s Latest Cookbook

This Crusts Cookbook from Chip & Jo’s Magnolia Shop

Ahh feels good to acknowledge it, but not drop several hundred dollars.

What’s in your shopping cart right now?

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