What’s Been Goin’ On…

One of my #BeABeast resolutions was to do 20 pull-ups. 
This is where I’m at so far:
My goal is 20 without stopping. So far I’m at 7 (even though I did 9 the other day).
Ignore those couple where I don’t go down all the way… ; )
This was me in Texas last weekend. 
Outside. In a t-shirt! Enjoying 75 degrees : ) 
Not my best work. I know.

This was the group I trained: 
This is my morning TRX bootcamp class, killing it this week. 
This is my friend, Scotty D 
who just said “F you” to his corporate job to go travel the world. 
Check out his new blog documenting his ish.
He’s headed your way, Australia and New Zealand!
Here are a couple of the local lululemon chicas, 
Caroline and Mhyria, 
that take my TRX bootcamp and rock it out! 
Guess who the latest Louisville Lulu Ambassador is?! 
; ) 
And this is me being glad there’s at least sunshine. 
It’s been SO cold lately. And everybody’s sick.
I’m over it. 
BUT there’s sun. #GladGame
What’s been goin’ on with you guys? 
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  1. This is me being impressed by your pull ups! YOU GO! x

  2. haha thanks, lady! 🙂

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