What’s in my bag?

There are no beauty products in my purse, other than Chapstick, so this is a different kind of “Bag” post. I’m asked frequently what I do in my own workouts and I tell people I mainly use each of the products shown here. It was imperative to make room for this bag in my car when I was packing up for my road trip!

It’s a duffle bag…


that doubles as a backpack! Wa-pow!


 Here are the contents:

What's In My Bag


1. Backpack/Duffle Bag by Under Armour. Not available for purchase but other UA Bags here.

Under Armour doesn’t disappoint! I love that this bag doubles for two separate carrying modes. It’s got tons of pockets for phone, cash, and keys, as well as places for my water container. It’s incredibly light weight and is big enough to hold everything I need.

2. Suspension Trainer by TRX.

It’s no surprise this is in my bag. I’ve been using this bad boy since 2006. It’s my go-to for muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility and can travel with me anywhere. I use it for myself, as well as every personal training client I’ve ever trained.

3. Rip Trainer by TRX.

Your abs will love you! Since adding this to my toolbox in 2011, I’ve gotten rave reviews from my clients and my core. Great for rotational strength and stability and well as killer metabolic effects. It’s also crazy good for stress relief. ; )

4. Slackline by Gibbon. Purchased at REI.

I use the slackline to help with my core strength, balance, and as a fun activity while camping or on climbing trips. Anybody can do this (with a little spotting help) and I’m currently using it for joint stability to help rehab my ankle.

5. Buddy Lee Jump Rope by TRX.

Jump ropes are self-explanatory. Great for cardio and fun! Flashbacks to grade school come with it… “Cinderella, dressed in yella, went upstairs…”

6. Trigger Point Kit by TriggerPoint Therapy.

When you’re achy and sore, the TriggerPoint kits are a life saver! Best for self myofascial release, these tools help warm me up before my workout and roll out the kinks after.



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