When all your friends are on date nights…

Yes, long distance relationships are certainly easier these days, 
especially with glorious inventions
like the internet, Skype, Facetime, etc… 
And yes, when you’re life is hectic and your job requires a lot of travel,
it’s sometimes easier to not have your priorities tangled around somebody 
waiting for you at home…
But then there are the times when you realize damn near all your friends are couples, 
and you hear about nothing but your friend’s relationships, and date nights, 
and nights where they “really didn’t do anything but watch tv and fall asleep around 10”
and you’re just jealous
And you miss your man-friend. 
And when I say “you”… I mean me. 
ugh. I hate when I’m whiny. 
I’ll be better tomorrow. 
Happy Friday, everybody! 
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  1. I know how you feel! My boyfriend is about five hours away and we see each other every 2 weeks which isn’t too bad, but I’m tiring of it. Especially because he is on tour for three weeks. True, I guess this would only make our visit an extra week apart than usual, but because he’s on the road and our schedules conflict it’s even harder to make time for each other.

    Wow, now I’M whiny! The good news is we’ll be living together in the summer.

    I’m having a girl’s night out of dancing, you should treat yourself too and enjoy this time of independence. Hang in there 🙂

  2. Oh girl, I’ve been there! Patience is the key. It’s a pain in the petunia, but it’s the key xo

  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies! It doesn’t bother me that much… just comes in small waves at random times. Patience and distraction has been working quite well so far! : )

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