Whirlwind Weekend

This week has gone by slowly, which is very weird. But I’m glad. I head out to Boston in a couple hours, catch up with couple friends tonight, teach a TRX Certification tomorrow, fly home tomorrow night, then go rock climbing on Sunday. It’ll be great, but fast.
I hope you guys all have a lovely weekend… and you’re not too sleepy from watching the royal wedding this morning. (I was forced to decline my invitation, unfortunately… too many things to do this weekend. Damn commitments. Don’t worry, I sent a gift) Watch the 3 minute wedding recap here in case you missed it.
Kate was stunning, wasn’t she? Thoughts on her gown?
Happy weekend!
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  1. Love the picture!

    Kate was lovely as always and I really liked her dress!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)



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