Why I love Ted and Ann…

…well there are a million reasons why I love them, but I’ll start with just a few.

Note: Ted and Ann are former clients of mine in San Diego. They became friends of mine about 2 minutes after I started teaching them.

They’re the cutest couple ever,
…been married for decades,
…finish each other’s sentences,
They love dogs.
This is Peluche. (pronounced pah-loo-chay)
And even when I call him Patchouli,
they don’t correct me.
Ann might be the best cooker in the world.
She’s always making something.
Hence the ‘best cooker’ title.
We eat here:
When I visit, I sleep with this view:
Ann’s so meticulous.
She even types out the directions to work the t.v.
They have the greatest shower in the world.
My shower time increases drastically when I visit.
…just doing my part to help conserve water… riiiight.
And of the best things I’ve heard recently: Ted thought that my boyfriend post on Matthew McConaughey was real. Ann had to tell him who Matthew McConaughey was… priceless. : ) And since they read my blog frequently, they’ll be checking this out…
I miss you guys already and love you a ton!
Be back soon…
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