Winter Running: What I Do On the Treadmill

I think a lot people assume that fitness people like all kinds of workouts, but running is not always my jam. I don’t like to run for more than a few miles anyway, (I’d rather be doing a million other types of workouts… or errands) but I know my body benefits from it, so I do it a couple times per week.

Running during the winter months is challenging for me though because I strongly dislike running outside when it’s cold. I’ve tried to like it. I’ve done it a few times. I just don’t enjoy it. All I’m thinking about is getting it over with and I usually stop well before I need to…

Exhibits A – C:

A) I’ve bought awesome cold weather clothes, but I hate working out in layers after I’m warmed up, as I just feel restricted in my movement. Maybe my years of dancing in leotards and tights are to blame… either way, I perform at my best without a bunch of ish on: jacket, gloves, hat, etc.

B) The cold, damp air kills my throat and I just end up a snotty mess. Frozen snot on my face does nothing for my already irritated mood.

C) When it’s cold out, I just end up hauling ass to complete my route, which usually causes me to run faster than I should, in turn causing me to run outta gas way too soon.

Most runners hate the treadmill, a.k.a “The Dreadmill,” during the winter months,


but I actually prefer it.

Exhibits D – F: 
D) It’s inside, in a temperature regulated space, which means I can run in a tank and crops/shorts even when it’s below freezing outside. Much more comfortable!
E) The treadmills in my gym come equipped w/ TVs! I don’t have cable at home so it’s nice to go run during the morning, when Ellen is on, or in the afternoon, when it’s movie time on Spike and FX. Distractions = Ami running longer. Especially when movies like The Bourne Identity or Salt are playing… nothing like watching badasses kicking other people’s asses to make you kick your own ass a little more than usual.
F) Being able to control my pace is key for me! I can run at a constant pace and change my speed when I’m ready (as opposed to whenever the song changes on my playlist. Again, blame the dance background for making me subconsciously move to whichever beat is playing…)
Anywho.. most people dislike the treadmill because they get on it and just run… at the same speed… for MILES. I’d hate that too. But pushing buttons every so often and doing different interval combos is way more distracting and makes the time fly by for me. Here’s a < 30 minute combo I do fairly often as it’s split up into three sections, (all less than 8 minutes) and before I know it, I’m done and can move on to something else. I vary the speeds and times a lot, depending on how I feel, but in essence, here’s what I do:
 photo e5233a59-9f26-45be-90bf-c3e57f4238be.jpg

How is your running in the winter?

Do you prefer indoors or out?
Long distance or short?
Steady miles, or short, intense combos?

Disclaimer: This is a combo that I do.  If you want to give it a whirl: Beginning runners, you might not do as much, as fast. Advanced runners, this combo probably won’t do much for you unless you increase the speed/duration of each section. Either way, I’m just sharing a combo, not programming for anybody. Run responsibly and track your heart rate as you go.

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  1. I’m with you, I don’t like running outside in the cold or rain/snow. So I turn to the treadmill. But I’m not too keen on running anyway, so I definitely have to keep it changing, either incline or speed, to keep me going and even remotely interested. I’m excited to try your combo!

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