Workout Blate: Babbling Brookelyn is in the ‘ville!

Blate = Blogger Date

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I love meeting other bloggers in person. It’s so fun to become friends with somebody, have so much in common with them, and then finally seal your friendship with a real encounter. You kind of get nervous, like you’re going on a blind date, but it’s awesome when you meet up and chat like you’ve been friends for years. I’ve met Ashley, Ashley C, Chelsea, Ahnika (who no longer blogs but totally should), and another Ashley and it’s always been fun.

When Brooke emailed me saying she was going to be in Louisville for a week, I was PUMPED. I’ve been reading her blog for about a year I guess and she’s hilarious. Her man-friend is from a town about 30 minutes from here so they’re in town visiting his family. She told me they wanted to come take my 6am TRX Bootcamp class. I was really excited, but also prepared myself for them not to actually show up. So many people say they’re going to take class while on vacation and rarely does it happen. I mean… I don’t wake up at 5am to go workout on vacay… But I showed up at 5:45am this morning and they beat me to the studio! Both her and her man-friend were there and ready to go.

Let me just tell you that they WORKED it this morning! Brad comes from a soccer background and Brooke played every sport under the sun. She also has just launched a career in fitness so we had lots to talk about there. I wished I’d grabbed a couple photos during class, but I was busy teaching and they were busy being beasts… so I didn’t. After class though we headed to Heine Brother’s (a Louisville coffee chain) to grab some joe and actually chat. We had an awesome morning and I can’t wait to get to do the same thing out in Portland where they live.

If you don’t follow Brooke already, you should. Her blog is my jam and so is she. And now that we’ve met in person, we’re Facebook friends too… which means we’re legit friends now. Blates are awesome.


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  1. Oh my goodness, I’m three shades green with envy over this blate. You and Brooke are on my list of favorite bloggers, why do I not live closer to the ‘ville.

    Sounds like a truly fabulous blate, glad y’all had a blast together!

  2. hey girlllll heyyyyyy! come visit Portland soon 🙂

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