Workout Playlist! 2014 #1

My TRX Bootcamp was supposed to start this morning, but this winter weather had other plans. So here I sit, in a Toronto hotel, with cancelled flights, but a LOT of work getting done. And trying to play the Glad Game as best I can… it’s not working so well. This is my fake smile: 
I’ll get home late tomorrow night, but in the meantime,
I get to do my workout here, in this 8x10ft gym space.
Happy Monday!
As always, each playlist is an hour long
with cool down music at the end so you can stretch your ish out.
My first workout playlist of 2014:
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  1. oh man…hope you finally made it home!!! saw all your travel issues! we are getting crazy cold weather tomorrow…we’re talking negative 7. I mean…I live in the south for a reason people!

  2. Nope, still here in Toronto. I get home Tuesday night around 7pm (hopefully)! I hear ya, girl. The HIGH today in Louisville was -1 i think. Not sad about missing it. Looking forward to the 40 degree temps we’re supposed to get on Friday!

  3. I’ll be listening to this as I get my jiggly holiday butt in gear!

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