Workout Playlist: Dance Party!

  • I’m LOVING the Mirrors song (as it’s the only good song on JT’s new album, but that’s another blog post). 
  • I can’t get enough of Emeli Sande’s song, Next To Me. It may be my new ringtone soon…
  • And I can’t help myself when it comes to One Direction. Their songs are super cheese, but my inner teen can’t get enough… 
Which songs are your workout jams this week?

All my workout playlists are an hour long
and include some more chill songs for cool-down/stretch.
Now get after it, bitches! 
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  1. Jamie Slack says

    I love your posts on music! That is what motivates me the most in my workouts. I always change things up when it comes to music and your selections help. Thank you so much! (I downloaded like five songs from your list already). You’re the best, keep rockin’!

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