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So if you make a lot of workout playlists, you know it can be fun, but it can also be draining. You want to find tunes that are going to get you (or others) pumped up, motivated, and ready to work up a good sweat. You gotta find good stuff, but it gets annoying always buying new music or searching for new tunes. I was on a flight home from working in Texas and needed to make a new playlist. On the plane though, there’s no internet, so searching for new music just wasn’t going to happen. After looking through my iTunes library though I decided since there are 3000+ songs in there, I could make a playlist with the existing material. I did a random swipe down to see if anything good popped up… and got the idea for a playlist game, “Music Roulette.”

How it works: 

I started at the top of my song library and swiped my mouse trackpad once. Wherever in the library it lands, I have to choose one song from that screen. It shows about 25 – 30 songs at a time, depending on how big the window is, so there’s a bit to choose from. Here’s what my screen looked like:

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.18.42 AM

I chose Beyonce’s “Check On It.”

Next: After you’ve picked your first song, make 2 swipes and choose a song from that screen. Next song, make 3 swipes and so on. Then 4 swipes, then five, etc. An hour long playlist usually consists of about 16 songs, so the swipes will start covering some major ground on your library. When you hit the bottom of your list (if you do) just start swiping the opposite direction. You could change it up and swipe a new direction after each song you pick. These aren’t “rules” necessarily, just what I did today. You do what you want!

Notes: If you’ve got an entire screen of music that absolutely won’t work (e.g. I’ve got 63 of Edith Piaf’s songs, which are amazing, but not for a workout), you get one free scroll either direction!

Once you’ve got an hour’s worth of songs, then you’re free to put them in whichever order you’d like. I chose 14 “workout” songs and 2 slower “cool-down” songs for stretch time.

Here’s the final product of my Music Roulette:

Try it out and see what you come up with.
Happy Monday! No go get after it.
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  1. christa says

    FUN!! Great idea!!! THANKs.

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