You know you’re a dancer when…

even while doing the most random things, (e.g. putting together Ikea furniture) you’re stretching.
Exhibit A:
And any time your foot leaves the ground, it’s pointed.
(or plantar flexed for my fitness buds)

Exhibit B:

I always get called out for stuff like this, but I never realize I’m doing until I’m busted. : )
photo by Tamara B!

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  1. you’re a danceer?!
    B.A. from UMD in dance whoop whoop… and yes I started out working on a BFA at OSU then left after a year bc 1. I am not that artsy and 2. I wanted to be closer to home


  2. i’m dying to get to a stretch like that! we always stretch like that at the end of physique 57 (the workout i’m currently doing) and we do an anatomically correct split and I only get half way down….total bummer.

    and the pointed toe thing….not a dancer – but we definitely do a lot of that too.

    cute pics!

  3. i always stretch too! once a dancer always a dancer.

  4. I’m jealous of your posture.

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