You Know You’re A Fitness Instructor When…

This month marks my 10 year anniversary in the fitness industry! Whether you teach yoga, pilates, cycling, strength, cardio, bootcamps, aerial, dance, hiit, or whatever else, your job as a professional instructor is a tad different than others…


You Know You’re A Fitness Instructor When:

1. Between teaching classes and your own workouts, showering should happen quite frequently for you, but doesn’t always…

2. When you separate your laundry piles into “dark fitness clothes,” “bright fitness clothes,” and “towels.” You hardly ever use your dryer.

3. You get excited when you get to put on “real clothes” (jeans) and do your hair.

4. When you attend fitness conferences for the new science, but are really there for new choreography… and the discounts on equipment, music, and clothes.

—- You probably also took slight offense to that one, but also know it’s partly true. ; )

5. When you’ve been known to carry spare AAA and AA batteries in your bag just in case the mic goes dead in the middle of  your class and the backups are all gone (or also dead). Because it’s happened. More than once.

6. When you know what the connection is between mic packs and condoms.

7. When Shazam is one of the most frequently used apps on your smart phone. “What’s this song?! I need it for tomorrow’s playlist!”

8. When you have 100+ playlists on your computer… Including ones for each of the last few decades, ones for the holidays, and ones dedicated entirely to your favorite artists, (i.e. my All Beyonce Playlist) etc.

9. When you know how to operate ALL the music software… (iTunes, MixMeister, Spotify, SoundCloud, Mix Cloud, Pandora, etc.)  because you can’t commit to just one for building your playlists.

10. When you lose your sh** when you see a Lululemon/Under Armour/Nike OUTLET store.

11. When you know more of what’s going on in your class participants’ lives than your own friends.

12. When you’ve been known to teach 5+ classes per day, sometimes more. (My record is 8.)

13. When you only know which day of the week it is by which classes you’ve got to teach.

14. When you’ve got one arm or leg waaaay stronger than the other because it’s always the side you demonstrate with.

15. When you can step in last minute to sub any class because you have an arsenal of workouts in your head.

16. When you’re tired, sore, and a sweaty mess more often than not, but you love every minute of it.


Let me know others that you want to add to this list!

It was hard to narrow it down. I could have kept going. : )

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