Yup, I’m doing the "Five Things" post too…

Whatever… everybody else is doing it. 
Five things you might not know about me: 
1. I used to be an “extra” 
That’s not me back there, but that’s what I did…   via

When I first moved to San Diego out of college, I was broke! Getting my foot in the door for fitness jobs was slow going so I made a living (mostly) for about a year by being an extra for TV shows that were shot in SD. I’ve been in the background of Veronica Mars and some telanovelas you have no idea existed.

Side note: Best Job EVER (when you’re 22). Nobody really pays any attention to you, you get to hang out, read books and eat from craft services (when nobody’s paying attention). You walk around behind actors a few times, and you make about $300 for the day. The only drawback is you have to hang around a bunch of wannabe actors that think background work will be their big break (instead of actually auditioning)… it’s not. They’re annoying. 

2. I name my cars. 

My first car was Lola, a ’90 Dodge Dynasty… however the D and the Y fell off the back, so it just said nasty… Next up was Abe, a ’94 Lincoln Continental. It had an old car phone that didn’t work but was fun to play with. And then there was Mona, my Corolla that lasted far past what she should have. And I think you all know Charli, my current ride. : ) 

3.  I have a food texture issue which makes me a “picky eater”. 

It sucks. I hate being this way, but I’ll seriously gag over most seafood (even though the taste is delicious: shrimp/lobster), pineapples, avocados, etc. It’s not that I don’t like the taste, it’s just the feel of it in my mouth makes me want to hurl. 

4. I don’t watch TV on a regular basis… But I STILL love Grey’s

I got rid of cable years ago, but I still keep up with Grey’s online (once every two months when I have to catch up): I’ve been watching it since it began, back when I was in college. Even though there were a couple of crap seasons and it really should be ending soon, (like maybe this season) I still LOVE it. And all the characters. And I remember all those pivotal moments; Pick me, choose me, love me. 007. Izzie cutting the LVAT wire, etc. 

5.  I’m a little anal about my discount club card at the grocery. 

When I use my discount “club card” at the grocery store (Kroger, Vons, Ralph’s, etc) they always ask for your card before they start to ring you up, but I don’t give it to them until after all the groceries have been scanned. You see the total, THEN you see the new total after all your club discounts. It’s awesome! Sometimes you save over $15! It’s very exciting, but sometimes the cashiers get annoyed with me when I don’t give it to them up front…  Ask me if I care…

Anything random I should know about you? 
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  1. SCHWAT that extra job sounds fantastic. Unfortunately no opportunities for that here…

  2. I’m obsessed with my discount grocery cards too. I like to add up my savings and be like, “BOOYAH! That’s a new top from Zara!”. I’m a little bit of a dork like that.

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